Material Shifts (E36) – Paul Crovella

Do you think of wood as passe, old-school, rudimentary? Well, think again.

In our conversation with Paul Crovella we learn that mass timber is one of the most viable solutions to reduce carbon through sequestering (storing) carbon. And it can be pat of a viable circular economy, utilizing forestry, production, design. and construction, and then re-use. Think of that carbon stored for 100-250 years of the life of a well-designed structure. On top of that, realize that mass timber resists fire, performs better in earthquakes, and can easily be designed in tandem with other materials to resist rot and termites, even as those termites move north.

Paul is an educator, supremely interested in the collaborative work of building excellent buildings. As a professor at a SUNY (State University of New York) school, he also talks with us about how higher education is at a crossroads and the soft skills of teamwork and integrative practice are what will make higher education valuable going forward.

Al in all, Lauren and I were inspired, challenged, and, quite frankly, vindicated by all we discussed. Spend a bit of time and learn from Paul. You won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks and enjoy!

Jodi and Lauren




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