A Wine Made From Birch Tree Sap (S2C E39)

Birch Wine gets two (actually four) thumbs up. Lauren and I got a chance to taste this wonderful wine at Meadowdale Winery, just outside of Voorheesville, NY. Not only are their wines impressive (award-winners), the tasting room is unique and welcoming.

And you should go see for yourself (but watch our videos first!)

The barn was built before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It has served a dairy farm and an apple farm, and was rebuilt by John and his partner, Bernard, by taking timbers from the walls that needed to be replaced due to weathering, and using them for the tasting bar and interior finish work.

And all that is just detail – take a drive (they are open May through October) on a weekend into this beautiful area of NY state, maybe grab a Craft Beverage Trail Passport (links to info are in the video description) and explore all the tastes of NY. While you are doing this, make sure to talk to the vintners, distillers, and brewers – they know their history, the challenges of small and craft business, most know how to tell a tale, and they know sustainability.

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Thanks for watching!

Jodi and Lauren

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