Plant-Powered Passion (S2C E41)

I felt like a bug under a microscope.

My life loves, cheese and gravlax (Sweets, I swear you come first!), up for discussion and derision. How can I be eating dairy when no other animal but human animals drink from the teat of another species?! How can I be taking from the totally burdened oceans for my enjoyment: not even my sustenance, but my gastronomical privilege?

Okay – this is totally NOT how J presented the information, but it is how my challenged soul heard it.


J was clear and logical and passionate and empathetic as she knows what it takes to move from being a two orders of bacon and a cup of coffee breakfast eater to vegan. She gets it. She has experienced it. And she has stories to tell and recipes to share (check out her website)

Totally NOT how J presented the information, but it is how my challenged soul heard it.

Wow, what a revelation. I never, ever thought of my food consumption as a carbon burden. Truly. Me, one of the most enlightened and driven carbon champions I know of and I have totally neglected food systems and their relation to my life, my health, and my connection and compassion for Nature. And J has laid it all bare.

I dare you to watch J’s video. And to take action. See how it feels. One action to start to reduce animal products and increase veg. (I am working on it, one small step at a time).

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Thanks for watching!

Jodi and Lauren


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