What the Heck is a Multi-Party Political System? (S2C E45)

“Winning Elections: 12 Steps for a Successful Election Campaign”.

Our guest this week is Joost Smits, a political advisor who, with partner Frank Van Dalen, has written a book with the main title “Verkiezingen Winnen”. This translates into, including the subtitle, “Winning Elections: 12 Steps for a Successful Election Campaign”.

It is described as the most complete handbook for political parties, politicians, and campaign workers to win elections in the Netherlands.

So why should you watch this if you don’t live or vote in the Netherlands?

It is an excellent discussion of the differences between two-party and multi-party systems. We talk about what it is to build coalitions to lead and how that is very different from the good guy/bad guy rhetoric of the USA. We hear from Joost how complex the structure is, but how fulfilling to serve as an elected official in a multi-party system. We also learn why he, and this book, work for all parties, even when he does not agree with their intents.

It is wonderful to gain some international perspective on the political system of the USA, and to connect a bit with my brother-in-law (don’t hold that against him) as well!

We hope you enjoy this chat as Joost is eloquent, knowledgeable, and a humorous story-teller.

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Thanks for watching!

Jodi and Lauren

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