Late to the Carbon Party (S2C E48)

A couple of months ago, a few friends decided to get together, monthly, to just “be”. Maybe we’d talk about work. Maybe we’d chat about family or travel. But mainly we’d be able to talk about doing better in our practices without having to defend the need to reduce carbon, work for a circular economy, and strive for integrative process.

We’d be able to lift each other up. Connect thoughts. Inspire. Commiserate. Maybe even laugh at our struggles to communicate.

A few weeks ago we did not have a Subject2Change interview scheduled, so we asked our colleagues in our “Revitalization” monthly meeting if we could record the session. And it was pretty cool, talking about books, carbon, and some of the work that lies ahead.

Check out our YouTube channel. We’ve had so many exceptional conversations, each reveals new perspectives to consider, and new ideas to explore. Please like, comment, and subscribe, and we’d love it if you would share!

Thanks to Roxanne, Mark, Lauren, Jim (missed out this time) and Rick (also missed this chat) for being in this crew. These are really good, giving, smart professionals.

Give us a listen!

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