Changing the World, One Material Specification at a Time (S2C E49)

We lucked into another great interview that can inform and assist designers.

Why great?

Because Lisa Goodwin Robbins has the ability to talk about the technical approaches that all building professionals need to understand, and to give us resources to improve our work. She ALSO has the ability to talk about the impact and understanding needed at the consumer level, to be informed and deliberate about the surroundings we create for ourselves and our families.

She is wise and smart (two different things) as well as passionate about our responsibilities.

Designers have a different level of power than an individual, affecting millions of dollars in product purchases, materials to build homes, schools, churches, hospitals…And with great power comes great responsibility. (Thanks, Aunt Mae). We have gone from a time where durable was more important than the people in the building (think lead, asbestos, and more) to a time when air quality is tested in any high performing well designed project. Now we are realizing the sourcing conditions are as vital to our decisions…do the workers work in safety? Are they represented? Is the manufacturing process protective of human and environmental health?

Additionally, Lisa shared with us some fascinating, and disturbing, facts on cancer and how our reliance on plastics and other toxic-laden products is contributing to our adverse environmental exposure levels.

We live in a wonderful new age where the connections make the world small and the opportunities for improvement unlimited.

Thank you, Lisa, for helping us 2bgreener (and healthier)!

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