Welcome to the Dance of Regeneration (S2C E50)

In this interview with Bill Reed, a giving and wise human, we learn about the journey he has taken in his life, a journey that has included continual development of his own work, relationships, and confidence. Not arrogant confidence but an affirmed certainly that the journey is worthy, and that he is able to learn and grow from it. He continually evolves his thinking and his work. This is, alas, too rare a posture in this world.

Listen, watch, question, and reflect. Lauren and I got so much out of our conversation with Bill including some discomfort and personal challenge. All good conversations can do this, if we are open and attentive.

…an affirmed certainly that the journey is worthy.

I am even taking some homework with me. I need to understand how time should be considered in my work. Not just time as in keeping a schedule, but time as in the notion that no project actually has an “end date”. It has a date when the construction is done, or the building is occupied, or maybe even a date when the building is torn down. But all of those “end points” are actually part of ongoing time where the project changes by daylight, weather, age, interactions, changes in occupancy, growing trees and on and on…see? My brain just won’t stop!

Thanks, Bill, for all of your inspiration!

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Below are some resources and links mentioned in this chat. Copy them into your browser to learn more. By the way, I have taken The Regenerative Practitioner course and have discovered a new level of understanding of my work, and my relationship to it.

Iterate, Learn, Dance, and be greener.


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