Calm Passion, and Welcoming Discoveries (S2C E55)

My apologies for the very long video on our YT site linked below, but I just could not trim or re-structure this gorgeous conversation.

Graham is wise, calm, and so very inviting in sharing his experiences and his insights from Apartheid South Africa to Business Leadership facilitation and process training. If you want some shorter excerpts, I did create a few focused ten-minute or so segments that are no less powerful. I do encourage you to melt into the long video or listen to it as I am editing for audio only as well. Graham’s voice and his relaxed pace in laying out context, revelations, and reflections on the future are mesmerizing and so very reassuring, even when describing the complex challenges we face.

We have been building and running companies as commodities, and the people within them as property as well.

Instead, what would a company be like, what could it truly be for, if we parented our companies? If we included all stakeholders (including Nature) in the decisions and the profits? If we compiled them as the intentional communities they originally were created to be?

And how do we do this? Watch, listen, read, and be welcome.

Below are some links to pages and people Graham mentioned. Enjoy by copying the links into your browser to learn more!

  • Personal webpage:  and the book page should be visible from there. Along with the sign-up form to our monthly public webinars.
  • Company webpage:
  • These two short & long videos might also interest:
    • 1min:
    • 1hour:
  • Sociocracy –,Governance%20or%20simply%20Dynamic%20Governance.
  • Binge Thinker mug
  • Don Beck-“what is it that I don’t know”
  • Book: Rebuild the Economy, Leadership, You-A toolkit for builders of the world Graham Boyd/Jack Reardon- – Book: Swimming Backwards-Jack Reardon
  • South Africa apartheid
  • Margaret Wheatly-building ecosystems from self –
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Desmond Tutu  Leadership as parents.

Thanks, as always, for watching.

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