From Chaos to Clarity (S2C E56)

Bob and and I met many years ago when I commented on his LinkedIn post, and challenged a thought process which shifted his perspective. He has done the same for me easily a dozen times over the years, and I appreciate every conversation, in text or in real time discussion.Join Lauren, Bob, and I for a wonderful conversation, where Bob talks about his journey through trauma and introspection, to his current exploration of the Great Resignation we are all engaged in in some way.

We are all crew on spaceship earth. And crew shines the brass, serves the meals, provides entertainment, and never loses sight of the destination and the dream.

Grab an oar, set the sail, 2bgreener.

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Bob mentioned some books and resources. Copy and paste the links below into your browser to learn about them. And follow Bob on Twitter!

  • Twitter: @bobone4all
  • Dr Strangelove
  • Don’t Look Up
  • Gray Rhino:
  • Initiative, Climate:
  • This Spaceship Earth –

We have many connections to make and there are so very many people that can be inspired by these connections!

Help us to change the world. It’s simple, really.

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Jodi and Lauren


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