Homes That Heal, and Those That Don’t (B2C)

There are books that have marked a radical change in my understanding, and therefore in my career approaches, even my approaches to life, the universe, and everything (Thanks, Doug Adams, for that one).

In the non-fictions realm, I would say that so far, “Drawdown”, “Unlearning”, and “Humankind, a Hopeful History” are waaaay up there, alongside this book by Athena Thompson, “Homes That Heal: and Those That Don’t”. Impactful because they each reframed my relationship to my work and my world.

  • Drawdown – we are a part of the solutions, every day, if we choose wisely
  • Unlearning – we need to deliberately make room for new information, else we clog up!
  • Humankind – People are good, and we need to stop building systems that treat them as bad, because then they act badly!
  • Homes That Heal – a book that tells beautiful little understandable vignettes to help us learn that we are foolishly surrounding ourselves with toxins: inhaling them, bathing in them, and building with them…and we don’t have to do this.

Why heal the sick when you can actually prevent illness at the start? Why would you paint a baby’s room with toxic paints and put them on a fire-retardant treated petroleum derived mattress with a cover washed in neurotoxins labelled as fragrances? Why?

Because no one told you that this is what we are choosing to do every day.

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Jodi and Lauren

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