Earthwalking (S2C E64)

Lauren and I had the deep pleasure of talking with Hobie Stocking a few weeks ago. He is the author of EarthWalking, which is, simply, a book of stories of Hobie’s interactions with Nature. But it is more complex and compelling: it reveals a philosophy of connection, an innate respect for discovery and curiosity, a sense of humor for people, compassion for all species, AND a very strong capability for storytelling.


We talked about family and how kids can really put you on the spot (there’s a story about that).

We talked about how, as we age, we not only can bear witness to the changes of Nature, but also accept them and share them with others (there’s a story!).


We also talked about access to Nature and the idea that Nature is not kind or mean, she just “is” (there are several stories about this).

And we discussed language and how we can, with well-told stories and thoughtful language, actually accelerate the work on climate action.

So, watch/listen, and then read. Welcome to the connections and insights of Hobie Stocking.

And as always, thanks for watching. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can expand this network of connection. Let’s not only be subject2change, but willing to explore and set our course! As Hobie would say, “Savor Nature”.

Jodi and Lauren

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