Transparency in Materials and Process (S2C E66)

So glad you could join us in our lobby chat with Benjamin Holsinger.

What would happen if:

  1. we could identify every ingredient in every material we used in every build, and make informed decisions?
  2. we each shared what we learned and worked toward this amazing transparency shift?

Benjamin is with Gensler, and instrumental in shifting and informing the material and product development aspects of their work. He takes sustainability down to its bones by ensuring materials are moving as close as possible to a circular systemic intent. He shares this knowledge as does Gensler, because we cannot do this vital work alone. We need to build upon the facts and shifts others have learned and grow from there, and then help them go even further!

This was a fun and inspiring impromptu conversation, taking place in a hotel lobby while we waited for our rooms to be ready. Ben and I were in Memphis to take part in a discussion about material sustainability, through the Climate Impact Program (CIP) hosted by Material Bank. Look them up, as they are changing how designers access material samples, and doing so in a way that lets the creativity flow while reducing waste and transportation carbon. Hoorah!

Learn a bit about Memphis greening (great town, BTW) and about the state of the building industry, and about how we all can improve going forward.

It is people like Ben (and Lauren) that make me hopeful.

And as always, thanks for watching. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can expand this network of connection. Let’s not only be subject2change, but willing to explore, question, and learn!

Jodi and Lauren

Links to visit!

– Embodied Carbon,contribute%20to%20embodied%20carbon%20emissions.

– Material Bank

– Gensler City Climate Challenge

– Gensler Research Institute

– Gensler Resilience

– Memphis, TN

– Green Print –

– Bill McKibben

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