Greenbuild 2016 – One Trend

I’ve got maybe four or five blogs begun about Greenbuild 2016 – what I’ve learned, interesting products, the personal reflections I encountered and the shock of seeing the landscape differences flying into LA en route from New York state. But although I began them all, they remain unfinished.

I realized I needed first to share one strong yet fledgling trend that I hope grows in presence and strength over the next years. A trend that is not directly related to green buildings or the market or integrative design or transparency, but is pivotal to our continuing success.

That is the sustainability of our people. Sometimes I go to Greenbuild to heal around people who already “get it”. People that I don’t have to defend myself to at every turn. Recently I have felt a little less supported by the USGBC. I have written blogs about being “old blood” and feeling that I am no longer of use, even though I myself feel young in the profession and bursting with passion for the changes we must implement.

Special Set on Pilates Balls

Special Set on Pilates Balls

This Greenbuild was the first in which I felt the people, our people, us, were somewhat addressed, beyond the obligatory Leadership awards, which are wonderful and needed and well-done, but which inevitably leave out more people than they manage to include. We are each and all of incredible value and we all get amazingly beat down by the efforts we put in, every day. We were supported at Greenbuild, beyond the common yet not really integrated massage station, or token yoga class. We were acknowledged, beyond the attempt to include some healthy (and yummy) food in the celebration Plenary.

Soulful Keynote

Soulful Keynote

Some of the “special sets” not only sat us on Pilates balls and supported our healthy posture, but included “mindfulness” training for design and even integrated little breakout exercises that (shock) supported the learning! And the opening plenary speaker spoke of the need for a tribe and connection, and told us that we, as this community of people striving for connection and integration and interdependence, reflect that strongly in every change we work for.

It was wonderful. I appreciate the tone and this trend. I look forward to much, much more.


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